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  New York Architecture Images- Building Types


See also the section on Synagogues and top ten New York churches
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006 Salvation Army Centennial Memorial Temple 012 Church of the Holy Communion 017 Church of St. Francis Xavier 019 General Theological Seminary 022 Church of the Holy Apostles
Gramercy Park
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31 Church of the Guardian Angel 005 Brotherhood Synagogue  (former church) 009 Friends Meeting house 012 St. George’s Church 013 St. Mary’s Catholic Church of the Byzantine Rite
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018 Marble Collegiate Church 021 Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of St. Sava 025 Little Church Around the Corner 033 St. Vartan Cathedral 039 Our Lady of the Scapular
Greenwich Village
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001Grace Church  004 First Presbyterian Church 011Church of the Ascension 021 Judson Memorial Church 022 St.Joseph’s Church
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033 Catholic Center at New York Uni'. 036 Church of St.Luke-in-the-Fields 048 Our Lady of Pompeii Church   001 St. Paul’s Chapel 002 Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine
photo of mount olivet church photo of  Ebenezer Gospel Tabernacle photo of st. martin's church photo of the ephesus seventh day adventist church
009 Riverside Church 021- Mount Olivet Baptist Church  (former synagogue) 033- Ebenezer Gospel Tabernacle 035- St. Martin's Episcopal Church 039- Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist Church
photo of the bethelite community baptist church photo of the metropolitan baptist church photo of mother a.m.e. church photo of abyssinian baptist church  
040- Bethelite Community Baptist Church 048- Metropolitan Baptist Church 053- Mother A.M.E. Zion Church 054- Abyssinian Baptist Church  
Lower East Side
LES008-01.jpg (55389 bytes) 012-Bialystoker.jpg (105026 bytes) 014-Norfolk_Synagogue.jpg (85789 bytes) 021stmarkschurch.jpg (29293 bytes)
008-Mariner’s Temple. 012-Bialystoker Synagogue (former church) 014-Congregation Beth Hamedrash Hagodol   (former church) 018-St. George’s Ukrainian Catholic Church 021-St. Mark’s in the Bowery Church
Lower Manhattan
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065 St. Paul’s Chapel

074 St. Peter’s Church 167 Glad Tidings Tabernacle
MID041-02.jpg (39960 bytes) 045-Exterior.jpg (61370 bytes) MID054-St.Patrick's2.jpg (49427 bytes) MID076-10.jpg (32881 bytes)

034 St. Bartholomew’s Church

041 Fifth Avenue Presbyterian Church 045 St. Thomas’ Church 054 St. Patrick’s Cathedral 076 Church of the Incarnation
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096 Church of St. Paul the Apostle 132 Holy Cross 135 SS Cyril & Methodius and St Raphael 023 St. Andrew’s Church 038 St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral
MID163-02.jpg (78104 bytes) centpres2.jpg (6278 bytes)
163 St Mary the Virgin 164 St Malachy 165 Holy Innocents 166 St John the Baptist 118- Central Presbyterian Church
Upper East Side
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056-St. Jean Baptiste Church 092-St. Nicholas Cathedral 091-Islamic Cultural Center 111- Manhattan Church of Christ 117-Church of the Heavenly Rest
Upper West Side
COLLEGIATE_CHURCH2.jpg (35114 bytes) UWS033-01.jpg (46214 bytes) Photo by Peter Ennis UNIV_CHURCH2.jpg (35591 bytes)

028-West End Collegiate Church  

033-Church of St. Paul and St. Andrew 045-St. Michael’s Church

058-Universalist Church of New York  

CPW @ W96th First Church of Christ, Scientist (041)
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022- Holy Trinity Church 027- Iglesia Bautista Calvario 029- Church of the Annunciation 031- Iglesia Metodista Unida de Sur Tres 032- Iglesia Pentecostal Misionera
Bedford Stuyvesant
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002 St. George’s Episc. Church 004 John Wesley United Meth. Church 007 Enoch Grand Lodge 022 Mt. Lebanon Baptist Church 025 First African Methodist 
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026 Stuyvesant Heights Christian Church 002 Church of St. Nicholas [6] St. Elias Greek Rite Catholic Church [7] Church of the Ascension [2] Russian Orthodox Cathedral of the Transfiguration
GPT020-01.jpg (79527 bytes) GPT-021-StAnthony.jpg (36999 bytes) GPT-023Baptist.jpg (47545 bytes) GPT-027StKostka.jpg (29412 bytes) les002a.jpg (31104 bytes)
[20] St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church [21] St. Anthony of Padua Church [23] Union Baptist Church [27] St. Stanislaus Kortka Vincentian fathers Church 002-Church of the Transfiguration
Park Slope
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018 Old First Reformed Church. 028 Memorial Presbyterian Church 029 Grace United Methodist Church 031 St. John’s Episcopal Church   038 Sixth Avenue Baptist Church  
PS041-06.jpg (72512 bytes)        
041 St. Augustine’s RC Church