In response to frequently asked questions;

If I've used a copywritten image by mistake, let me know and I'll remove it immediately.

The use of graphics;

-I unfortunately
can't take custom pictures of NY buildings. I would suggest that you try one of the stock photography agencies listed in the links section.

-What you see on the pages is all I have-
I have no higher resolution images.

I don't own the copyright for many of the images, so I can give no permission for uses other than personal (specify which image, however, as there are many that I took and you're free to use them). 

Research questions;

-if you're looking for
specific historical images, try the MCNY (Museum of the City of New York), or look at Robert AM Stern's New York 1880, 1900 or 1930.

-for specific information, most questions will be answered by "
The AIA Guide to New York".

I hope this answers possible questions. If your enquiry is more specific I'll do my best to answer it for you promptly.


Tom Fletcher