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Lower Manhattan & Seaport, Civic Center
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STATUE OF LIBERTY TRUMP BUILDING TRINITY CHURCH One  Wall Street Barclay-Vesey Building American International Building Potter Building Woolworth Building City Hall Municipal Building
SohoLower East Side & Greenwich Village  
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The Little Singer Building 319 Broadway Haughwout Building Cooper Union LaGrange Terrace Jefferson Market Library  Federal Archive Building One Fifth Ave. Lunchbox Diner The Ear Inn
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Flatiron Building General Electric Building Chanin Building Chrysler Building Rockefeller Center GE Building Empire State Building Westin Hotel THE BUSH TOWER Time Warner Center
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Central Park Majestic Apartments   Century Apartments Dakota Apartments The Dorilton San Remo Apartments  American Museum of Natural History The Beresford  The Eldorado  Ansonia Hotel
gone but not forgotten
wtcbasedet.jpg (204867 bytes) Singer Tower<br>(HABS, NY,31-NEYO,71-4) nycity_old_concourse.jpg (60205 bytes) madison_sq.jpg (83811 bytes) wal1.jpg (31921 bytes)          
World Trade Center Singer Building Penn Station Madison Square Garden The Waldorf Astoria          
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