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Some New York City Hotels

( Originally Published 1936 )

Obviously this cannot be a complete list; and if it were, it would be more bewildering than helpful. Nor can the prices quoted be guaranteed; please regard them as approximate. 

Further, there is no absolute classification for hotels. What we see rated `first-class' in some lists is rated `second-class' in others. My effort to divide those mentioned into price groups is intended merely to help you choose a hotel at about the price you wish to pay. 

I begin with the deluxe hotels, alphabetically listed: 

AMBASSADOR HOTEL, Park Ave. at 51st St. Fine situation, discriminating clientele. 600 rooms; singles from $5, doubles from $7. 

BARCLAY HOTEL, Lexington Ave. at 48th St. 850 rooms, $5 and up. 

BILTMORE HOTEL, Madison Ave. at 43d St. 1000 rooms; singles from $6; doubles from $8. Under same roof as Grand Central Station. Fine food and service, very nice rooms. 

CHATHAM HOTEL, Vanderbilt Ave. at 48th St. 300 rooms, from $5 up. Quiet, smart. 

GOTHAM HOTEL, Fifth Ave. at 55th St. 400 rooms, $7 up. Quiet, dignified. Same management as Drake Hotel, Chicago, and Town House, Los Angeles. 

HAMPSHIRE HOUSE, 150 Central Park South. New, `smart,' chiefly residential, but accommodates some transients. 500 rooms, $6 and up. 

THE MADISON, 15 E. 58th St. 350 rooms, $5 and up. `Smart' clientele. 

HOTEL PIERRE, Fifth Ave. at 61st St. 615 rooms, from $6 up. Largely residential. Very `smart.' Quiet. 

HOTEL PLAZA, Fifth Ave. at 59th St. 1060 rooms, $6 and up. Beautiful situation, facing Central Park. Best clientele. Unsurpassed service. 

RITZ-CARLTON HOTEL, Madison Ave. at 46th St. 300 rooms, $7 and up. Worthy of its distinguished name. 

THE RITZ TOWER, Park Ave. at 57th St. 449 rooms, $6 and up. Largely residential. Quiet, dignified. 

ROOSEVELT HOTEL, Madison Ave. at 45th St. 1100 rooms from $5 up. 

ST. REGIS HOTEL, Fifth Ave. at 55th St. Favorite with many of New York's most discriminating visitors. Gay, but elegant. 600 rooms, $6 and up. 

THE SAVOY PLAZA, Fifth Ave. at 59th St. Same ownership as Hotel Plaza, across the Square. 1000 rooms, $6 and up. Delightful suites. Very popular. 

THE SHERRY-NETHERLAND, Fifth Ave. just above 59th St., facing Central Park. Largely residential, but very pleasant for transients who like a hotel with an `uncommercial' atmosphere. 

THE WALDORF-ASTORIA, Park Ave., 49th to 50th Streets. One of the world's most distinguished hotels, a great center of smart events in New York, yet one may live there as quietly as anywhere in New York. Rates from $8 up. 

Now for some of the hotels less expensive and very popular: ALGONQUIN HOTEL, 59 W. 44th St. 250 rooms, $3.50 up. Very popular with actors and journalists. 

ASTOR HOTEL, Broadway and 44th St. 1000 rooms, $3 up. 

THE BARBIZON-PLAZA, 101 W. 58th St. has 1400 rooms from $3 up, and furnishes many forms of entertainment for its guests. 

THE BELMONT PLAZA, Lexington Ave. at 49th St. 800 rooms, $3 up. Popular restaurant. 

THE BERKSHIRE, at 21 E. 52d St., corner Madison Ave., has 350 rooms from $4 up. 

THE COMMODORE, in Grand Central Terminal on 42d St., has 2000 rooms from $3 up. Quite commercial. 

ESSEX HOUSE, 160 Central Park South (59th St.). 1134 rooms, from $4 up. 

Firm AVENUE HOTEL, 24 Fifth Ave. at 9th St. 700 rooms, $4 up. 

GOVERNOR CLINTON HOTEL, Seventh Ave. at 31st St., near Pennsylvania Station. 1200 rooms, from $3 up. 

GRAMERCY PARK HOTEL, 52 Gramercy Park. 600 rooms, $3 up. Very nice. Quiet. 

LEXINGTON HOTEL, Lexington Ave. at 48th St. 801 rooms, $3.50 up. `A Ralph Hitz hotel.' Very popular. 

LINCOLN HOTEL, Eighth Ave. between 44th and 45th Streets. 1400 rooms, from $2.50 up. 

McALPIN HOTEL, 34th St. and Broadway. 1500 rooms, from $2.50 up. Now one of the Knott Hotels, a large chain with a great following. Twenty-six hotels in New York. 

MARGUERY HOTEL, 270 Park Ave. at 47th St. 250 rooms, many of them overlooking a quiet garden. Famous food. Probably should be in de luxe classification, for its standards and service put it there. But its rates are a bit below most of the others in that class. $4 up for singles. 

NEW WESTON HOTEL, 50th St. at Madison Ave. 700 rooms, $4 up. Another Knott Hotel. Very popular with patrons who like quiet, dignified atmosphere. 

NEW YORKER HOTEL, Eighth Ave. at 34th St. 2500 rooms, $3.50 up. Direction Ralph Hitz. Popular with business conventions; four floors of showrooms. Four gay restaurants. 

ONE FFIFTH AVENUE, at Washington Square, in what many people consider the most charming part of older New York. 472 rooms, $4 up. Quiet, dignified. 

PARAMOUNT HOTEL, 46th St. west of Broadway. 700 rooms, all with private bath, $2.50 up. In heart of Times Square district, close to theatres. 

PARK CENTRAL HOTEL, 56th St. at Seventh Ave. 1600 rooms, all with private bath. Parlor, bedroom, and bath from $5 per day, 1 or 2 persons. 

PENNSYLVANIA HOTEL, facing Pennsylvania Station at Seventh Ave. and 33d St. 2200 rooms, from $3.50 up. A Statler Hotel. 

PICCADILLY HOTEL, 227 W. 45th St., heart of Times Square. 700 rooms, from $2.50 up. A Dreier Hotel, one of eight in New York, most of them close to Times Square, and most of them in the same price range. 

PRINCE GEORGE HOTEL, 14 E. 28th St., near Fifth Ave. 1000 rooms, $2 up. 

ST. MORITZ HOTEL, 50 Central Park South (59th St.). 900 rooms, $3.50 up. Many attractive features. Very popular. THE SEYMOUR, 50 W. 45th St. 250 rooms, $3.50 up. 

THE SHELTON, Lexington Ave. at 49th St. 1200 rooms, $2.50 up. A Knott Hotel. 

TAFT HOTEL, Seventh Ave. at 50th St. 2000 rooms, $2.50 up. VANDERBILT HOTEL, Park Ave. at 34th St. 600 rooms, $4 up. A Knott Hotel. 

VICTORIA HOTEL, Seventh Ave. at 51st St. 1000 rooms, $2.50 up. 

WELLINGTON HOTEL, 55th St. at Seventh Ave. 700 rooms, $2.50 up. A Knott Hotel. 

WEYLIN HOTEL, Madison Ave. at 54th St. 400 rooms, $4 up. Quiet, dignified. 

And, of course, many others. 

Some hotels less expensive: 

ALLERTON CLUB RESIDENCES are at the following addresses: 22 E. 38th St., for men and women, 425 rooms; 143 E. 39th St., 400 rooms, men and women; 130 E. 57th St., women only, 450 rooms. Rates from about $2. 

AMERICAN WOMAN'S CLUB HOTEL, 353 W. 57th St. 1250 rooms, $3 up. This is a beautiful building, serving a fine organization., Rooms available for non-members. A very pleasant and interesting place for a woman visiting New York to stay. 

THE BARBIZON, 140 E. 63d St. 700 rooms, for women only. $2.50 up. 

CHELSEA HOTEL, 23d St. at Seventh Ave. 320 rooms, $1.50 up. A Knott Hotel. 

HERALD SQUARE HOTEL, 116 W. 34th St. 300 rooms, $1.50 up. KENMORE HALL, 145 E. 23d St. 700 rooms, $1.50 up. Many social features. 

MARTHA WASHINGTON HOTEL, 29 E. 29th St. Women only, Quiet location. 445 rooms, $1.50 up. 

MURRAY HILL HOTEL, Park Ave. at 41st St., close to Grand Central Station. 400 rooms, $2 up. 

PICKWICK ARMS HOTEL, 230 E. 51st St. 400 rooms, $2 up. SEVILLE HOTEL, Madison Ave. and 29th St. Quiet neighbor-hood. 500 rooms, $2 up. 

WINSLOW HOTEL, 45 E. 55th St., off Madison Ave. 450 rooms, $1.50 up. A Knott Hotel. 

SAVOY-PLAZA, Fifth Ave. at 59th St. Always gay; excellent entertainers. 

SHERRY-NETHERLAND, Fifth Ave. at 59th St., has a `Curtain Dinner' before the theatre, with a Continental Orchestra. $1.75. 

THE DELLA ROBBIA ROOM at Hotel Vanderbilt, Park Ave. at 34th St. Dinner dancing. Dinner from $2. 

THE SERT ROOM and the EMPIRE ROOM at the Waldorf-Astoria. The Sert Room is formal; dinner from $3.50. The Empire Room is informal; dinner from $1.75. Also, the Cafe Lounge, and the Norse Grill. 

THE CAPRICE ROOM at Hotel Weylin, Madison Ave. at 54th St. Dinner from $2. 

THE NEW WESTON HOTEL, Madison Ave. at 50th St.; roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding, with Bordeaux wine, $1.75; or anything else you'd rather have. In the Weston Court.
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