New York Architecture Images- Gone / Demolished / Destroyed

Commercial Cable Building


George Edward Harding & Gooch


adjoins the Stock Exchange at 20 Broad St




Historicist Skyscrapers


steel frame, masonry cladding


Office Building


The 18-story Commercial Cable Building. 1897. This building was located on Broad Street and it was demolished on mid 1950s to make way of 27-story modern office building.


New York City, 1903, Commercial Cable and Hanover Bank
Commercial Cable Building adjoins the Stock Exchange at 20 Broad St. An imposing office building given over to the business of the Commercial Cable system organized in 1884 by John W. Mackay and James Gordon Bennet. The offices of the Postal Telegraph-Cable, the German and Pacific cables are here.

Hanover Bank building. Located on the southwest corner of Nassau and Pine Streets. this 22-story building completed in 1901, is justly considered one of the fines office structures in the world. From an artistic standpoint it is a most pleasing example of sky-scraping architecture.


Broad Street around 1915. Looking north from Beaver Street: On the west side of the street between Exchange Place and Wall Street are the Blair Building (Carrère & Hastings, 1902-1903), the Commercial Cable Building (George Edward Harding & Gooch, 1897), and the New York Stock Exchange (George B. Post, 1903). On the northwest corner of the intersection of Broad, Wall and Nassau Streets is the Bankers Trust Building (Trowbridge & Livingston, 1912). Photo NYHS.