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American Academy of Dramatic Arts




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The American Academy of Dramatic Arts is a vibrant community of 
practicing professionals and students working together in a challenging and 
supportive environment.
The love of acting, as an art and as an occupation, is the motivating 
spirit of the school, as it has been since it was founded as the first 
drama school in the English-speaking world more than a century ago 

Since its inception in 1884, the American Academy
of Dramatic Arts has been able to attract the most talented students. It has also counted among its faculty and administration some of the most progressive theatrical theorists and visionaries of the day.

What began as a school for the stage during a time of stylized gesture and mannered emotions has grown and changed over the years — often ahead of its time — to embrace modern media as well as a more honest and emotionally involving style of acting.

Whether in New York or Los Angeles, students today are pushed beyond the superficial indication of emotion to experience genuine emotional involvement in their roles, exploring simple, honest communication and truthful behavior.

While the Academy’s alumni are no longer framed exclusively by the proscenium arch, it is the wonder of the theatre that remains our artistic touchstone — the elusive and magical energy that touches both actors and audience.

Whether you aspire to the stages of Broadway or the soundstages of Burbank, the American Academy of Dramatic Arts has both the location and the program to move you closer to your dream. With campuses in the hearts of both New York City and Los Angeles, the Academy offers the aspiring actor a stimulating, inspiring environment and a fertile ground for professional and personal growth. The two campuses comprise one school, sharing the same philosophy, objectives and programs.

The Academy stresses practical, professional training for stage, film and television. The program is highly structured, focusing on acting, voice and speech, and movement, with an emphasis on self-discipline, self-discovery and, above all, individuality. At each stage of development, students’ classroom knowledge is tested through onstage performances. Students who excel may be invited to join the Academy Company. Participation in the Academy Company offers actors further performance opportunities, often in the presence of casting directors, agents and other industry professionals.

The Academy alumni list is an impressive one, with prominent names from all aspects of the entertainment industry, past and present. As a group
AADA alumni hold a total of 72 Oscars®, 202 Emmys® and 57 Tony® nominations, and the number grows every year.