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Approximate dates 1720-1920
The Federal style was the first- and therefore the “modern” in its day- architecture of the new republic, a modification of the contemporaneous Georgian architecture of London. Dignified and restrained, it emphasized geometric form and harmonious proportion and was executed in both wood and masonry. The neo-Federal and neo-Georgian are early 20th century revivals of 18th and 19th century originals.
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002 Stuyvesant Fish House 029 Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace 014 127-131 MacDougal Street 020 New York Studio School 025 56 West 10th St
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030 Patchin Place 032 4-10 Grove St.   036 Church of St.Luke-in-the-Fields 037 Grove Court 039 Isaac- Hendricks House
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049 7 Leroy Street 051 14-16 Grove Street 055-The Ear Inn 014 Morris-Jumel Mansion 006-51 Market St.
001aa.jpg (45573 bytes) les002a.jpg (31104 bytes) 218 East Broadway House - Photo credit Carl Forster 012-Bialystoker.jpg (105026 bytes) ??
001-Edward Mooney House 002-Church of the Transfiguration 011-Isaac Ludlum House 012-Bialystoker Synagogue 015-Henry St. Settlement
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017-Merchant's House Museum 023-Stuyvesant-Fish House 019 SHRINE OF ST. ELIZABETH ANN BAYLEY SETON and James Watson house. 020 FRAUNCES TAVERN

065 St. Paul’s Chapel

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066 New York County Lawyers Assoc.

064 Harvard Club 075 Collectors’ Club 080 The Lamb’s Club 001 Schermerhorn Row
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026 City Hall 034 Baltimore Copper Paint Co. 009 Charlton- King- Vandam Historic District 010 Harrison Street Row 035 2 White St.
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011-Knickerbocker Club 013-Assisium School 022-Abigail Adams Smith Museum 041-Americas Society 043-Spanish Institute
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048-Istituto Italiano di Cultura 085-Russian Orthodox Synod of Bishops 089-International Center of Photography 100-Museum of the City of New York CPW @ W96th First Church of Christ, Scientist (041)
054-Calhoun School