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Approximate Dates 1955 to the present
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Style Definition
Futurism is a broad trend in modern design which aspires to create architecture of an imagined future, normally thought to be at least 10 years into the future. The beginnings of Futurism go back to the visionary drawings of Italian architect Antonio Sant'Elia, as well as the "Googie" architecture of 1950s California and subsequent Space Age trends.

Early features of Futurism included fins and ledges, bubble shapes and sweeping curves. The style has been reinterpreted by different generations of architects across several decades, but is usually marked by striking shapes, clean lines, and advanced materials.

One of the original futurists is the California-based architect William Pereira, who designed the Encounter Restaurant at LAX Airport and the Transamerica Pyramid. Later firms whose work fits in this category include Arthur Erickson Architectural Corporation and Carlos A. Ott.