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Spanish Revival

Approximate Dates 1920 to 1930
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023 London Terrace 122 236-256 West 45th St 064-The Oliver Cromwell
Style Definition
A revival of Spanish and Moorish architecture from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, this style was especially popular for resort hotels in places like Florida, California, and Hawaii. Northern variants on Spanish Revival featured more elaborate detail and colorful facades without the castle-like shapes of the resort complexes. The style was also extremely popular for movie houses.

Typical features of Spanish Revival are cupolas, turrets, rounded arcades, twisted columns, red clay barrel tile roofs, iron railings, curved balconies, twisted columns, colorful tilework, small obelisks and finials, and grand bursts of white baroque ornament: all intended for exotic effect.

Notable architects of the Spanish Revival style include Schultze & Weaver in New York and Florida, Oman & Lilienthal in Chicago, and Walker & Eisen Architects in Los Angeles.