Gustav Lindenthal, , Gustav Lindenthal<br>Source: n/a New York Architecture Images-New York Architects

Gustav Lindenthal 1850-1935

  New York works;
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  002-Manhattan Bridge 003-Williamsburg Bridge 005-Hell Gate  
Education Apprenticeship as macon, then studies at the Polytechnicum in Dresden
1870 - 1874 Bridges in Austria and Switzerland
1874 Immigrates to the United States
1874 - 1877 Engineer for the Centennial Exposition in Philadelphia
1877 - 1890 Engineering office in Pittsburgh
1890 Moves to New York
1902 - 1903 Commissioner of New York bridges
1909 Manhattan Bridge
1931 Bayonne Bridge over the Kill van Kull with Othmar Ammann
1933 (1934?) Honorary Doctoral Degrees from the German Technical School in Brünn (Brno) and Technical School in Dresden