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001-Chelsea Hotel 002-Hugh O’Neill Dry Goods Store 003-Westyard Distribution Center 004-Empire Diner 005 Port of New York Authority Building
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006 Salvation Army Centennial Memorial Temple 007 428-450 West 23rd St. 008 Starret-Lehigh Building 009 Joyce Theater 010 The New York Savings Bank
CHE011-01.jpg (45761 bytes)   The Capitol at Chelsea CHE014-01.jpg (51968 bytes)  
011 128 West 18th St. 012 Church of the Holy Communion 013 Capitol at Chelsea 014 Gorham Silver Company 015 Lord and Taylor Building
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016 17 West 16th St. 017 Church of St. Francis Xavier 018 Siegel-Cooper Dry Goods Store 019 General Theological Seminary 020 Fashion Institute of Technology
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021 Cushman Row 022 Church of the Holy Apostles 023 London Terrace 024 437-459 West 24th St 025 National Maritme Union (Dream Downtown Hotel)
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026 Stern Brothers Department Store 027 Goelet Building 028 Commme des Garcons 029 The High Line 030 Perry West
CHE-CH3.jpg (85250 bytes) Pict0021.jpg (130160 bytes) Pict0183.jpg (138843 bytes) PICT0132.jpg (44120 bytes) Old Front Facade View of 
		Chelsea Piers
31 Church of the Guardian Angel 032 26 E14 033 Chelsea Market 034 Mary Boone Gallery 035 Chelsea Piers
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036 The Porter House 010A New York County Savings Bank 037 The Nomadic Museum 038 338 23rd Street 039 340 23rd Street
CHE040-02.jpg (64635 bytes)
040 Immaculate Conception Church 041 IAC/InterActiveCorp Offices


The New York neighborhood called Chelsea takes its name from the estate of Captain Thomas Clarke, who retired to the then rural land after winning glory in the French and Indian Wars. He named the estate, ironically, for the home for retired soldiers in London, but during the Revolutionary War the British occupied Chelsea. Their daughter Charity married the Episcopal Bishop of New York, Benjamin Moore, and it was their son, Clement Moore, who penned the famous "A Visit From St. Nicholas" (remembered by most as "The Night Before Christmas"). By the 1850s Clement had divided the estate into lots and developed his grandfather's estate into a proto-suburb, now a thriving neighborhood of brownstones, tenements, tree-lined streets, and ferociously ugly apartment towers.

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