harlem and the heights

Harlem11.JPG (51537 bytes) har004-barnard_college_ornamental_ironwork.jpg (73484 bytes) har005-Avery.jpg (66104 bytes)
001 St. Paul’s Chapel 002 Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine 003 Butler Library 004 Barnard College 005 Avery Hall
006 President’s House 007 Graham Court 008 Grant’s Tomb 009 Riverside Church 010 Low Memorial Library
photo of astor row Harlem05.JPG (43448 bytes) cloisters-b.jpg (44809 bytes)
011 Saints Luke's Hospital Amsterdam Wing 012 Astor Row 013 Striver’s Row 014 Morris-Jumel Mansion 015 The Cloisters
collis.jpg (50052 bytes) har017-89.jpg (66464 bytes) photo of martin luther king jr. houses (from 113 looking north) photo of masjid malcolm shabazz mosque photo of 119th to 121st street and malcolm x blvd.
016 The Colosseum Apartments 017 Soldiers and Sailors' Monument 018-Martin Luther King, Jr. Houses 019-Masjid Malcolm Shabazz Mosque 020- Mount Morris Park Historic District
photo of mount olivet church photo of 3 west 120th Street photo 1 of mt. morris park west photo of fire watch tower photo 2 of the commandment keepers congregation
021- Mount Olivet Baptist Church 022-3 West 120th Street 023- Mount Morris Park West 024-Fire Watch Tower 025- Commandment Keepers Ethiopian Hebrew Congregation
photo 2 of mount morris park west photo 1 of mt. morris presbyterian church looking from mt. morris park west phot of doctors' row 4 to 16 west 122nd street photo of  7 to 21 west 122nd street photo of 11-14 Mount Morris Park West
026- 26-30 Mount Morris Park West 027- Mount Morris Ascension Presbyterian Church 028- 4 to 16 West 122nd Street 029- 7 to 21 West 122nd Street 030- 11 to 14 Mount Morris Park West
photo of 1 to 10 mount morris park west photo of 9 West 121st Street (detail) photo of  Ebenezer Gospel Tabernacle photo of victorian row 240 to 248 photo of st. martin's church
031- 1 to 9 and 10 Mount Morris Park West 032- 4 to 22 and 13 to 21 West 121st Street 033- Ebenezer Gospel Tabernacle 034- Victorian Row on Malcolm X Blvd. 035- St. Martin's Episcopal Church
photo detail of 109 west 122nd street photo of 131 West 122nd Street photo of  133-143 west 122nd street photo of the ephesus seventh day adventist church photo of the bethelite community baptist church
036- 103-111 West 122nd Street 037- 131 West 122nd Street 038- 133-143 West 122nd Street 039- Ephesus Seventh Day Adventist Church 040- Bethelite Community Baptist Church
photo of the greater bethel a.m.e. church photo of 28-30 west 123rd street photo of 4-26 west 123rd street photo of  the new york public library, harlem branch photo of the james van der zee studio
041- Greater Bethel A.M.E. Church 042- 28-30 West 123rd Street 043- 4-26 West 123rd Street 044- New York Public Library, Harlem Branch 045- James Van Der Zee Studio
photo of the lenox lounge photo of 12 west 129th street photo of the metropolitan baptist church photo  of brownstones along 131st street photo of lenox terrace from 132nd street and malcolm x blvd
046- Lenox Lounge 047- 12 West 129th Street 048- Metropolitan Baptist Church 049- Lafayette Theater Historic Area 050- Lenox Terrace
photo 2 of the harlem branch of the ymca photo of the schombburg library historic area photo of mother a.m.e. church photo of abyssinian baptist church 055-image4_revue2g.jpg (18763 bytes)
051- Harlem Branch YMCA 052- Schomburg Library Historic Area 053- Mother A.M.E. Zion Church 054- Abyssinian Baptist Church 055- The Cotton Club
photo 1 of the armory 057a.jpg (40745 bytes) phote of the semiramis
056- National Guard 369th Regiment Armory 057- Apollo Theater 058- The Semiramis


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