The Belnord New York Architecture Images-Upper West Side

Belnord Apartments


H. Hobart Weekes


225 W86, bet. Amsterdam Ave & Broadway




Renaissance Revival




Apartment Building






"All of the buildings share the liability of courtyard apartment houses, which is poor light in all too many of the units, but they also share the ability of all good courtyard buildings to create far more than conventional buildings could a sense of a private, secure world."
Paul Goldberger

"The original planting was encircled by attractive four-globe light-posts and was quite formal and to the modern eye evocative to a certain extent of the black-and-white photographs of the gardens in Alain Renais's film, "Last Year at Marienbad." Indeed, this is almost a de Chiricoesque vista as the tall, textured walls encompassing the space offer both security and imprisonment, awe and ire, dream and reality."
Carter Horsley

"The Belnord boasted the largest interior court in the world 94 feet wide by 231 feet long and an underground delivery tunnel for trucks and wagons reachable via a ramped driveway from West 87th Street. Architecturally nowhere near as successful as the Astor buildings, the Belnord, with is vast number of very large apartments, did not reach full occupancy until World War II. Since then, however, it has never had a vacancy for long, but has been embroiled for years in an acrimonious battle between its tenants and the building's elderly and eccentric owner."
Andrew Alpern

"Brilliant, but boring."
Elliot Willensky