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Renaissance Revival / Anglo-ltalianate.

Approximate Dates 1870 to 1930
spitehousedisp.jpg (49714 bytes)
006 146 Jefferson Ave 011 228 Jefferson Ave 026 Stern Brothers Department Store 005 Spite House 030- Wannamaker's
nyherald.jpg (43001 bytes)   world3.jpg (49526 bytes)   madison_sq.jpg (83811 bytes) GPT-009-130Kent.jpg (56566 bytes) GPT-010MechanicBank.jpg (42918 bytes)
006 New York Herald Building 007 THE NEW YORK WORLD BUILDING 016  Madison Square Garden [9] 130 Kent Street [10] Originally Mechanics and Traders Bank
GPT012-01.jpg (85999 bytes) GPT-028Humboldt.jpg (51632 bytes) GRP008-5.jpg (39457 bytes) GRP19-met.jpg (40870 bytes)
[12] 93-103 Milton Street [28] 650 Humbboldt Street 004 National Arts Club 008 34 Gramercy Park East 019 Metropolitan Life Insurance
Pict0080.jpg (133536 bytes)
Harlem11.JPG (51537 bytes) photo of astor row Harlem05.JPG (43448 bytes)
008 Salmagundi Club 040 6 St.Luke’s Place 001 St. Paul’s Chapel 012 Astor Row 013 Striver’s Row
one.jpg (23570 bytes) standard.jpg (71269 bytes) whhall.jpg (63314 bytes)
033B.jpg (49224 bytes) Pict0428.jpg (129781 bytes) Pict0493.jpg (134305 bytes) The New York Palace Hotel with Villard Houses and courtyard


010 Villard Houses
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029 23 Park 35th Street 038 Banco di Napoli 048 University Club 050 Cartier’s 077 Hotel Martinique
CAMI Building - Photo credit Carl Forster MID092-01a.jpg (24423 bytes) Carnegie Hall in foreground with office tower behind it MID117-01.jpg (53404 bytes)
086 Columbia Artists Management 092 Art Students’ League 090 New York Athletic Club 094 Carnegie Hall 117 Virginia Theater
IRT Powerhouse
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136 IRT Powerhouse 161 The B. Altman Department Store 007 Fulton Building 025 63 Nassau St. 026 City Hall
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030 Municipal Building 004 Arnold Constable Store. 018 House of Relief 022 NY Life Insurance Company

025 36-57 White St.

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029 A.T. Stewart Dry Goods Store/ Sun Building 030 E.V.Haughwout Building 040 23 Green St. 042 85 Grand St. 043 91-93 Grand St.
045 Cheney Building 047 71 Greene Street Building 049 101 Spring Street Building 050 502 Broadway 060 394 West Broadway.
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053 B. Altman Dry Goods Store 054 Ehrich Brothers Emporium 055 85 Lispenard St. 056 109 Prince. 057 112 Prince.
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061 361 Broadway 008-Metropolitan Club

009-Racquet and Tennis Club

011-Knickerbocker Club 024-Bohemian National Hall
UES028-01.jpg (75259 bytes) 32 East 64 St., NY City UES036-01.jpg (39454 bytes) UES053-02.jpg (81289 bytes) 055-palemale-st.jpg (35179 bytes)
028-131-135 E66 032-The Verona 036-East 70th Street 053-French Consulate 055-927 Fifth Ave.
UES041-01.jpg (55278 bytes) UES042-02.jpg (79180 bytes) UES044-07.jpg (51333 bytes) 058a.jpg (5698 bytes)
041-Americas Society 042-Union Club 043-Spanish Institute 044-Frick Collection 058-NYU Institute of Fine Arts
UES069-02.jpg (68895 bytes) UES070-01.jpg (74878 bytes) UES073-01.jpg (79403 bytes) UES078-01.jpg (77480 bytes) UES093-02.jpg (73665 bytes)
069-Greek Consulate General 070-Otto Kahn House 073-998 Fifth Ave 078-Consulate of the Russian Federation 093-Duchene Residence School
016-scape.jpg (28269 bytes) UES099-02.jpg (73880 bytes) DAKOTA1.jpg (41096 bytes) APTHORP4.jpg (31765 bytes)
095-House of the Redeemer 099-New York Academy of Medicine CPW @ W72nd -Dakota Apartments (017) 024-103-109 Riverside Drive

030-Apthorp Apartments

The Belnord WBG010-02.jpg (75367 bytes) wbg-t036.jpg (53758 bytes) wbg-t034.jpg (54052 bytes) WBG036-7.jpg (76891 bytes)
034-Belnord Apartments   010- Yeshiva Yesoda Hatora of K’Hal Adas Yereim 016- 103 Broadway 021- 195 Broadway 038- 178 Meserole Street
The American Renaissance 

Simultaneous with Beaux-Arts Classicism was the closely related architectural style called the Second Renaissance Revival (circa 1890-1930), which focused on the more orderly qualities of the Italian Renaissance, rather than the often flamboyant pictorialism associated with the high Beaux-Arts style. McKim, Mead & White were the leaders in the use of this style, as well as of the movement called the American Renaissance. 

Inspired by both the Italian Renaissance and the Beaux-Arts model of architectural, painting, and sculpture conceived together in unified artistic conceptions, American architects, artists, and sculptors succeeded in creating a new American Renaissance. Among numerous artists who took part in this were stained-glass innovators John La Farge and Louis Comfort Tiffany; and sculptors Augustus Saint-Gaudens, Daniel Chester French and Karl Bitter. Tiffany Studios and Herter Brothers decorated interiors lavishly. Every detail -- ornamental plaster, metalwork, lighting, mosaics, carved wooden pulpits and seating, and marble altars and rails -- was planned by the architect and associated artists. 

One such collaboration that remains intact was the remodeling of the chancel of the Church of the Ascension at Fifth Avenue and Tenth Street in 1885-88. A sober, shallow chancel in Richard Upjohn's Gothic Revival brownstone church was transformed into an early masterpiece of the American Renaissance. Stanford White supervised a scheme inspired by the Italian Renaissance, featuring a large mural of the Ascension by John La Farge. 

Beaux-Arts Classicism was a significant trend in synagogue architecture in the first decades of the 20th century. The first and foremost example is Congregation Shearith Israel (Brunner & Tryon, 1896-97). "Brunner justified its use by citing discoveries in Palestine of ancient synagogues -- all classical buildings," notes Samuel Gruber in American Synagogue Architecture (Common Bond Volume11/Number 1). 

Many established Jewish congregations subsequently adopted Classicism because of these associations. Congregation Beth Elohim, at Eighth Avenue and Garfield Place in Brooklyn (Eisendrath and Horwitz, 1909), conveys the assertiveness of Beaux-Arts Classicism in its imposing portico placed diagonally across the corner. 

Renaissance Revival is a branch of neo-classicism influenced by the palaces, fortresses, and public buildings of the Italian Renaissance like the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence and various Venetian landmarks.

Most buildings in this style have brick facades. Common features include towers or turrets, pyramidal roofs, castellations, large indented cornices, and rows of arched windows.

Architectural firms which worked in this style include Gronenberg & Leuchtag, York & Sawyer, and Emery Roth.